Does Twitter matter for news sites?

April 12, 2016

Twitter drives a median 8.5 percent of all social traffic to media sites across’s network of digital publishers. But to what extent can publishers influence this number? Does the type of content shared on Twitter impact how readers engage?

This Authority Report​ examines​:

  • How much traffic​ ​publishers ​are ​get​ting​ from Twitter
  • Differences between "conversational" tweets and "breaking news" tweets in ​terms of ​how much traffic they ​are ​send​ing​ to news sites
  • Tweet volume relating to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election
  • Hourly volume of tweets mentioning the Brussels terrorist attack
  • Key takeaways for news organizations using Twitter

In each Authority Report, shows the top known referral sources to our network of sites. Each of these depicts a snapshot of the traffic to our network in time and reflects both industry trends and shifts in our publishing clients.

Traffic Sources Update:

  • In this report, Facebook remains ahead of Google as the top source of referral traffic to's network of digital publishers.
  • To see the most current traffic trends, check out this continually updating dashboard showing the top referrers and referrer types to the network.

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