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Greentech Media: Building a new revenue stream

Greentech Media (GTM) is a business-to-business news and market analysis site covering the clean energy industry. Since its founding in 2007, GTM has grown to become the leading source of information in the clean energy marketplace.

GTM has a profitable three-pronged business model, which derives revenue from research, conferences and digital media. Though the research and conference divisions were doing very well, the media site struggled with the same realities that many online publishers face — declining revenue from online advertising despite a growing audience size. To make the online portion of the company more profitable, GTM launched a premium subscription service with exclusive content: GTM Squared.

In this case study, you will learn:

  • How GTM conceived, marketed and launched GTM Squared
  • How GTM operates its online initiatives leanly
  • What lessons the team learned after launching a subscription model

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