Content Marketing Analytics Overview

Instant content insights without the hassle

Better insights, better results

Finally, an easy way to visualize the performance of your content across all your platforms and channels so you can know exactly how to best engage with your readers.


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General-purpose analytics tools don't work for content

Are your old analytics tools working for you and your content?

  • Do you have a bird's-eye view of your content?
  • Are your tools easy to use?
  • Can you get the insights you need to demonstrate your success?

What's the cost of flying blind?

What if you could know exactly on what type of content to double down on?

Finally, the missing solution for your frustration with bad data and inflexible analytics.

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Setting up is fast and easy

We get it. Analyzing the performance of your content across many platforms and channels needs to account for way too many variables. It’s impossible to do it without a tool that is not 100% designed for this. That’s why we’ve built

Add to your website or app

We have several plug-and-play integrations including:

What if I have a custom website or CMS?
We've integrated with thousands of sites on hundreds of CMSes. Our easy-to-integrate code works for all content across every device imaginable — including yours!
Will this slow down my website?
No! We know performance is critical.
Do you integrate with mobile apps?
Yes! We integrate with iOS and Android.
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Measure beyond the click

Yesterday’s analytics tells you how many people clicked, but that’s not enough! tells you:

  • Where readers came from
  • How to increase readership
  • How to engage your audience

All this information is available for real-time and historical analysis.

View performance across different platforms, channels, and content types

Know your performance on social, search, and other platforms.

Social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, and more.

Platforms: Web, Mobile, Apple News, Facebook Instant, Google AMP, SmartNews, iOS apps, Android apps, and more.

Search: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, and more.

Content Types: Blogs, Articles, Landing pages, Home pages, Image galleries, Video, OTT, Audio, Podcasts, and more.

Dashboard rendering with postrow overlay
Dashboard rendering with postrow overlay
Dashboard rendering with postrow overlay

Double down on what’s working

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. tells you which content and channels are performing the best so you can focus all of your efforts into the initiatives that provide the best return.

What’s the impact of knowing exactly what will engage and convert your audience?

Have insights delivered to you, effortlessly

Forget manually pulling together data, knowing it'll get outdated.

Our dashboard is beautiful, and its data will find you through our mobile app, Slack alerts, and elegant email reports.

  • Schedule reports to bring the data to your inbox
  • Set alerts in Slack or email for traffic spikes or other
  • Native iOS app and mobile web for stats in your pocket
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Increase engagement with personalized experience in your newsletters, site, and apps's predictive analytics and content recommendation engine automatically and immediately drives engagement with a personalized experience for every reader.

Do you know how much better your content would perform with personalized recommendations?
Did you know's content recommendations can be on your site in minutes?

Here’s why is the secret weapon of today’s biggest companies

What customers are saying

This is the first time we've ever had a unified real-time look at every single major traffic source.

Without, I wouldn't have bet in a million years that that story did as well as it did.
Testiomonial author headshot
Mark Morgioni
Director of Research and Data, Slate

We chose because it's so user-friendly, especially for an editor who wants to be able to report on how their content is doing right away.

Giving the team empowered them to become more analytics-driven.
Testiomonial author headshot
Morgan Gibson
Senior Manager of Digital Content, WeddingWire

At this point, I can't imagine digital audience optimization without that green leaf on one of my tabs.

Our growth efforts here are greatly benefitted by the data and reports provided through the platform.
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Caitlin Duffy
Director of Audience and Social, NationSwell

Hundreds of companies are already using to better engage with their audience—and possibly steal yours

Start integrating now, or talk to a content analytics expert who can guide you through how can help you.

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