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These are up-to-date representations of our raw data pipeline pixel, as converted to various third-party database schemas. For an easy way to generate them, check out our parsely_raw_data open source project.

This is for Data Pipeline v2.3.0. Looking for a previous version? Start here Check here.

# Redshift Schema

Column Example Type
action 'pageview' VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL
apikey '' VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL
campaign_id 'facebook_campaign' VARCHAR(256)
display True BOOLEAN
display_avail_height 735 INTEGER
display_avail_width 1280 INTEGER
display_pixel_depth 24 INTEGER
display_total_height 800 INTEGER
display_total_width 1280 INTEGER
engaged_time_inc INTEGER
event_id '0xe6508eda93d5598367b18...' VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL
extra_data JSON
flags_is_amp BOOLEAN
ip_city 'Newark' VARCHAR(4096)
ip_continent 'NA' VARCHAR(2)
ip_country 'US' VARCHAR(2)
ip_lat 37.5147 FLOAT
ip_lon -122.0423 FLOAT
ip_postal '94560' VARCHAR(64)
ip_subdivision 'CA' VARCHAR(3)
ip_timezone 'America/Los_Angeles' VARCHAR(256)
ip_market_name 'New York' VARCHAR(256)
ip_market_nielsen '501' VARCHAR(3)
ip_market_doubleclick '3' VARCHAR(3)
metadata True BOOLEAN
metadata_authors ['Laura Vitto'] VARCHAR(MAX)
metadata_canonical_url '' VARCHAR(4096)
metadata_custom_metadata '{"site":"Mashable"}' VARCHAR(4096)
metadata_duration INTEGER
metadata_data_source 'crawl' VARCHAR(8)
metadata_full_content_word_count 174 INTEGER
metadata_image_url '' VARCHAR(4096)
metadata_page_type 'post' VARCHAR(256)
metadata_post_id '' VARCHAR(4096)
metadata_pub_date_tmsp 1473275118000 BIGINT
metadata_save_date_tmsp 1473275204000 BIGINT
metadata_section 'watercooler' VARCHAR(256)
metadata_share_urls VARCHAR(MAX)
metadata_tags ['gadgets', 'iphone-7'] VARCHAR(MAX)
metadata_thumb_url 'https://images.parsely....' VARCHAR(4096)
metadata_title 'Everyone has the same f...' VARCHAR(4096)
metadata_urls [''] VARCHAR(MAX)
ref_category 'internal' VARCHAR(64)
ref_clean '' VARCHAR(4096)
ref_domain '' VARCHAR(256)
ref_fragment '' VARCHAR(4096)
ref_netloc '' VARCHAR(256)
ref_params '' VARCHAR(4096)
ref_path '/' VARCHAR(4096)
ref_query '' VARCHAR(4096)
ref_scheme 'http' VARCHAR(64)
referrer '' VARCHAR(4096)
session True BOOLEAN
session_id 6 INTEGER
session_initial_referrer '' VARCHAR(4096)
session_initial_url '' VARCHAR(4096)
session_last_session_timestamp 1473271351611 BIGINT
session_timestamp 1473277747806 BIGINT
slot False BOOLEAN
sref_category 'internal' VARCHAR(64)
sref_clean '' VARCHAR(4096)
sref_domain '' VARCHAR(256)
sref_fragment '' VARCHAR(4096)
sref_netloc '' VARCHAR(256)
sref_params '' VARCHAR(4096)
sref_path '/' VARCHAR(4096)
sref_query '' VARCHAR(4096)
sref_scheme 'http' VARCHAR(64)
surl_utm_campaign 'facebook_campaign' VARCHAR(256)
surl_utm_medium 'partners' VARCHAR(64)
surl_utm_source 'facebook' VARCHAR(64)
surl_utm_term '8098' VARCHAR(64)
surl_utm_content 'sports' VARCHAR(256)
surl_clean '' VARCHAR(4096)
surl_domain '' VARCHAR(256)
surl_fragment '' VARCHAR(4096)
surl_netloc '' VARCHAR(256)
surl_params '' VARCHAR(4096)
surl_path '/' VARCHAR(4096)
surl_query '' VARCHAR(4096)
surl_scheme 'http' VARCHAR(64)
timestamp_info True BOOLEAN
timestamp_info_nginx_ms 1473277850000 BIGINT NOT NULL
timestamp_info_override_ms BIGINT
timestamp_info_pixel_ms 1473277850017 BIGINT
ts_action '2016-09-07 19:50:50' TIMESTAMP
ts_session_current '2016-09-07 19:49:07' TIMESTAMP
ts_session_last '2016-09-07 18:02:31' TIMESTAMP
ua_browser 'Safari' VARCHAR(4096)
ua_browserversion '9.1.2' VARCHAR(4096)
ua_device 'Other' VARCHAR(4096)
ua_devicebrand None VARCHAR(4096)
ua_devicemodel None VARCHAR(4096)
ua_devicetouchcapable True BOOLEAN
ua_devicetype 'desktop' VARCHAR(4096)
ua_os 'Mac OS X' VARCHAR(4096)
ua_osversion '10.10.5' VARCHAR(4096)
url '' VARCHAR(4096)
url_clean '' VARCHAR(4096)
url_domain '' VARCHAR(256)
url_fragment 'L.eZPflSGqq5' VARCHAR(4096)
url_netloc '' VARCHAR(256)
url_params '' VARCHAR(4096)
url_path '/2016/09/07/airpods-jok...' VARCHAR(4096)
url_query '' VARCHAR(4096)
url_scheme 'http' VARCHAR(64)
utm_campaign 'facebook_campaign' VARCHAR(256)
utm_medium 'partners' VARCHAR(64)
utm_source 'facebook' VARCHAR(64)
utm_term '8098' VARCHAR(64)
utm_content 'sports' VARCHAR(256)
user_agent 'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh;...' VARCHAR(4096)
version 1 INTEGER
visitor True BOOLEAN
visitor_network_id 'ac94fe31-a307-4020-9a23...' VARCHAR(128)
visitor_site_id 'ab94fd31-a207-4010-8a25...' VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL

# Redshift DDL

CREATE TABLE parsely.rawdata (
        action                              VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL,
        apikey                              VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL,
        campaign_id                         VARCHAR(256),
        display                             BOOLEAN,
        display_avail_height                INTEGER,
        display_avail_width                 INTEGER,
        display_pixel_depth                 INTEGER,
        display_total_height                INTEGER,
        display_total_width                 INTEGER,
        engaged_time_inc                    INTEGER,
        event_id                            VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
        flags_is_amp                        BOOLEAN,
        ip_city                             VARCHAR(4096),
        ip_continent                        VARCHAR(2),
        ip_country                          VARCHAR(2),
        ip_lat                              FLOAT,
        ip_lon                              FLOAT,
        ip_postal                           VARCHAR(64),
        ip_subdivision                      VARCHAR(3),
        ip_timezone                         VARCHAR(256),
        ip_market_name                      VARCHAR(256),
        ip_market_nielsen                   VARCHAR(3),
        ip_market_doubleclick               VARCHAR(3),
        metadata                            BOOLEAN,
        metadata_authors                    VARCHAR(MAX),
        metadata_canonical_url              VARCHAR(4096),
        metadata_custom_metadata            VARCHAR(4096),
        metadata_duration                   INTEGER,
        metadata_data_source                VARCHAR(8),
        metadata_full_content_word_count    INTEGER,
        metadata_image_url                  VARCHAR(4096),
        metadata_page_type                  VARCHAR(256),
        metadata_post_id                    VARCHAR(4096),
        metadata_pub_date_tmsp              BIGINT,
        metadata_save_date_tmsp             BIGINT,
        metadata_section                    VARCHAR(256),
        metadata_share_urls                 VARCHAR(MAX),
        metadata_tags                       VARCHAR(MAX),
        metadata_thumb_url                  VARCHAR(4096),
        metadata_title                      VARCHAR(4096),
        metadata_urls                       VARCHAR(MAX),
        ref_category                        VARCHAR(64),
        ref_clean                           VARCHAR(4096),
        ref_domain                          VARCHAR(256),
        ref_fragment                        VARCHAR(4096),
        ref_netloc                          VARCHAR(256),
        ref_params                          VARCHAR(4096),
        ref_path                            VARCHAR(4096),
        ref_query                           VARCHAR(4096),
        ref_scheme                          VARCHAR(64),
        referrer                            VARCHAR(4096),
        session                             BOOLEAN,
        session_id                          INTEGER,
        session_initial_referrer            VARCHAR(4096),
        session_initial_url                 VARCHAR(4096),
        session_last_session_timestamp      BIGINT,
        session_timestamp                   BIGINT,
        slot                                BOOLEAN,
        sref_category                       VARCHAR(64),
        sref_clean                          VARCHAR(4096),
        sref_domain                         VARCHAR(256),
        sref_fragment                       VARCHAR(4096),
        sref_netloc                         VARCHAR(256),
        sref_params                         VARCHAR(4096),
        sref_path                           VARCHAR(4096),
        sref_query                          VARCHAR(4096),
        sref_scheme                         VARCHAR(64),
        surl_utm_campaign                   VARCHAR(256),
        surl_utm_medium                     VARCHAR(64),
        surl_utm_source                     VARCHAR(64),
        surl_utm_term                       VARCHAR(64),
        surl_utm_content                    VARCHAR(256),
        surl_clean                          VARCHAR(4096),
        surl_domain                         VARCHAR(256),
        surl_fragment                       VARCHAR(4096),
        surl_netloc                         VARCHAR(256),
        surl_params                         VARCHAR(4096),
        surl_path                           VARCHAR(4096),
        surl_query                          VARCHAR(4096),
        surl_scheme                         VARCHAR(64),
        timestamp_info                      BOOLEAN,
        timestamp_info_nginx_ms             BIGINT NOT NULL,
        timestamp_info_override_ms          BIGINT,
        timestamp_info_pixel_ms             BIGINT,
        ts_action                           TIMESTAMP,
        ts_session_current                  TIMESTAMP,
        ts_session_last                     TIMESTAMP,
        ua_browser                          VARCHAR(4096),
        ua_browserversion                   VARCHAR(4096),
        ua_device                           VARCHAR(4096),
        ua_devicebrand                      VARCHAR(4096),
        ua_devicemodel                      VARCHAR(4096),
        ua_devicetouchcapable               BOOLEAN,
        ua_devicetype                       VARCHAR(4096),
        ua_os                               VARCHAR(4096),
        ua_osversion                        VARCHAR(4096),
        url                                 VARCHAR(4096),
        url_clean                           VARCHAR(4096),
        url_domain                          VARCHAR(256),
        url_fragment                        VARCHAR(4096),
        url_netloc                          VARCHAR(256),
        url_params                          VARCHAR(4096),
        url_path                            VARCHAR(4096),
        url_query                           VARCHAR(4096),
        url_scheme                          VARCHAR(64),
        utm_campaign                        VARCHAR(256),
        utm_medium                          VARCHAR(64),
        utm_source                          VARCHAR(64),
        utm_term                            VARCHAR(64),
        utm_content                         VARCHAR(256),
        user_agent                          VARCHAR(4096),
        version                             INTEGER,
        visitor                             BOOLEAN,
        visitor_network_id                  VARCHAR(128),
        visitor_site_id                     VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL

# BigQuery Schema

Column Example Type
action 'pageview' STRING
apikey '' STRING
campaign_id 'facebook_campaign' STRING
display True BOOLEAN
display_avail_height 735 INTEGER
display_avail_width 1280 INTEGER
display_pixel_depth 24 INTEGER
display_total_height 800 INTEGER
display_total_width 1280 INTEGER
engaged_time_inc INTEGER
event_id '0xe6508eda93d5598367b18...' STRING
extra_data JSON
flags_is_amp BOOLEAN
ip_city 'Newark' STRING
ip_continent 'NA' STRING
ip_country 'US' STRING
ip_lat 37.5147 FLOAT
ip_lon -122.0423 FLOAT
ip_postal '94560' STRING
ip_subdivision 'CA' STRING
ip_timezone 'America/Los_Angeles' STRING
ip_market_name 'New York' STRING
ip_market_nielsen '501' STRING
ip_market_doubleclick '3' STRING
metadata True BOOLEAN
metadata_authors ['Laura Vitto'] STRING (REPEATED)
metadata_canonical_url '' STRING
metadata_custom_metadata '{"site":"Mashable"}' STRING
metadata_duration INTEGER
metadata_data_source 'crawl' STRING
metadata_full_content_word_count 174 INTEGER
metadata_image_url '' STRING
metadata_page_type 'post' STRING
metadata_post_id '' STRING
metadata_pub_date_tmsp 1473275118000 INTEGER
metadata_save_date_tmsp 1473275204000 INTEGER
metadata_section 'watercooler' STRING
metadata_share_urls STRING (REPEATED)
metadata_tags ['gadgets', 'iphone-7'] STRING (REPEATED)
metadata_thumb_url 'https://images.parsely....' STRING
metadata_title 'Everyone has the same f...' STRING
metadata_urls [''] STRING (REPEATED)
ref_category 'internal' STRING
ref_clean '' STRING
ref_domain '' STRING
ref_fragment '' STRING
ref_netloc '' STRING
ref_params '' STRING
ref_path '/' STRING
ref_query '' STRING
ref_scheme 'http' STRING
referrer '' STRING
session True BOOLEAN
session_id 6 INTEGER
session_initial_referrer '' STRING
session_initial_url '' STRING
session_last_session_timestamp 1473271351611 INTEGER
session_timestamp 1473277747806 INTEGER
slot False BOOLEAN
sref_category 'internal' STRING
sref_clean '' STRING
sref_domain '' STRING
sref_fragment '' STRING
sref_netloc '' STRING
sref_params '' STRING
sref_path '/' STRING
sref_query '' STRING
sref_scheme 'http' STRING
surl_utm_campaign 'facebook_campaign' STRING
surl_utm_medium 'partners' STRING
surl_utm_source 'facebook' STRING
surl_utm_term '8098' STRING
surl_utm_content 'sports' STRING
surl_clean '' STRING
surl_domain '' STRING
surl_fragment '' STRING
surl_netloc '' STRING
surl_params '' STRING
surl_path '/' STRING
surl_query '' STRING
surl_scheme 'http' STRING
timestamp_info True BOOLEAN
timestamp_info_nginx_ms 1473277850000 INTEGER
timestamp_info_override_ms INTEGER
timestamp_info_pixel_ms 1473277850017 INTEGER
ts_action '2016-09-07 19:50:50' STRING
ts_session_current '2016-09-07 19:49:07' STRING
ts_session_last '2016-09-07 18:02:31' STRING
ua_browser 'Safari' STRING
ua_browserversion '9.1.2' STRING
ua_device 'Other' STRING
ua_devicebrand None STRING
ua_devicemodel None STRING
ua_devicetouchcapable True BOOLEAN
ua_devicetype 'desktop' STRING
ua_os 'Mac OS X' STRING
ua_osversion '10.10.5' STRING
url '' STRING
url_clean '' STRING
url_domain '' STRING
url_fragment 'L.eZPflSGqq5' STRING
url_netloc '' STRING
url_params '' STRING
url_path '/2016/09/07/airpods-jok...' STRING
url_query '' STRING
url_scheme 'http' STRING
utm_campaign 'facebook_campaign' STRING
utm_medium 'partners' STRING
utm_source 'facebook' STRING
utm_term '8098' STRING
utm_content 'sports' STRING
user_agent 'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh;...' STRING
version 1 INTEGER
visitor True BOOLEAN
visitor_network_id 'ac94fe31-a307-4020-9a23...' STRING
visitor_site_id 'ab94fd31-a207-4010-8a25...' STRING

# BigQuery DDL

{"name": "action", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "apikey", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "campaign_id", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "display", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "display_avail_height", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "display_avail_width", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "display_pixel_depth", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "display_total_height", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "display_total_width", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "engaged_time_inc", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "event_id", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "flags_is_amp", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_city", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_continent", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_country", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_lat", "type": "FLOAT", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_lon", "type": "FLOAT", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_postal", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_subdivision", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_timezone", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_market_name", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_market_nielsen", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ip_market_doubleclick", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_authors", "type": "STRING", "mode": "REPEATED"}
{"name": "metadata_canonical_url", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_custom_metadata", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_duration", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_data_source", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_full_content_word_count", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_image_url", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_page_type", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_post_id", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_pub_date_tmsp", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_save_date_tmsp", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_section", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_share_urls", "type": "STRING", "mode": "REPEATED"}
{"name": "metadata_tags", "type": "STRING", "mode": "REPEATED"}
{"name": "metadata_thumb_url", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_title", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "metadata_urls", "type": "STRING", "mode": "REPEATED"}
{"name": "ref_category", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_clean", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_domain", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_fragment", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_netloc", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_params", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_path", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_query", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ref_scheme", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "referrer", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "session", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "session_id", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "session_initial_referrer", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "session_initial_url", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "session_last_session_timestamp", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "session_timestamp", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "slot", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_category", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_clean", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_domain", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_fragment", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_netloc", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_params", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_path", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_query", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "sref_scheme", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_utm_campaign", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_utm_medium", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_utm_source", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_utm_term", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_utm_content", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_clean", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_domain", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_fragment", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_netloc", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_params", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_path", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_query", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "surl_scheme", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "timestamp_info", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "timestamp_info_nginx_ms", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "timestamp_info_override_ms", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "timestamp_info_pixel_ms", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ts_action", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ts_session_current", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ts_session_last", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_browser", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_browserversion", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_device", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_devicebrand", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_devicemodel", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_devicetouchcapable", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_devicetype", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_os", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "ua_osversion", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_clean", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_domain", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_fragment", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_netloc", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_params", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_path", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_query", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "url_scheme", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "utm_campaign", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "utm_medium", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "utm_source", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "utm_term", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "utm_content", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "user_agent", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "version", "type": "INTEGER", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "visitor", "type": "BOOLEAN", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "visitor_network_id", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
{"name": "visitor_site_id", "type": "STRING", "mode": "NULLABLE"}
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