Currents Release Notes

We’re constantly improving Currents by adding new features, refining existing ones, and eradicating bugs. This is a record of changes our users see in the Currents dashboard.

July 25, 2018

  • Storiessee attention for a group of articles about a single event or issue
  • Alertsget an email when a story breaks
  • Traffic source categories: uncover attention patterns on search, social, and more


A story is a group of articles about a single event or issue. Each story is named based on the top related topics for that event or issue.

Stories show up in the graph on the homepage. Watch out for “bubbles of attention” to identify a breaking story.

Click “Show all” in the list of stories on the homepage to dig into smaller stories.

Just like topics, categories, and locations, each story has its own info page, where you can explore how attention breaks down across geography, devices, traffic sources, etc. You can also compare stories to each other.


Want to know the next time people begin paying attention to a new story about Meghan Markle? iPhones? Your favorite sports team? Save a topic you care about or add it to a collection…

…and you’ll receive an email when attention spikes for a story about that topic.

You can manage notifications from this page—get there by clicking the star in the navigation sidebar.

Note: right now, Currents only sends alerts for topics. You won’t get an email alert when a category, location, or traffic source brings in a lot of attention.

Traffic source categories

We’ve given traffic source categories—like search engines and social media—their own info pages so you can uncover attention across distribution channels.

Other updates

A couple of smaller changes include:

  • If your iPad was feeling left out, good news! Tablets have been added to the device breakdown.
  • Histograms have been added to info pages, so you can see the distribution of attention and how a particular topic, category, location, etc fits in.
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