Channels FAQs

This doc covers questions about distributed channels tracking in the dashboard.

How do I integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) with

What data is available for AMP and FBIA in the dashboard?

AMP data includes real-time and historical

  • Page Views
  • Device Views (Mobile | Tablet | Desktop)
  • Visitors
  • Social Referrals
  • Soc. Interactions
  • Refs/Interaction
  • Search Referrals

FBIA data includes real-time and historical

  • Page Views
  • Device Views (Mobile | Tablet | Desktop)

What’s the difference between a channel and a referrer?

A referrer describes how a visitor navigated from one page to another inside of a given channel.

Some of’s supported channels (namely your website and AMP) have meaningful referral information for that channel whereas others do not.

Website Has multiple referrers
AMP Has multiple referrers
FBIA All referrers hardcoded to “”

Does support channel tracking for apps?

No, not at the moment. But we’re working on it!

Which dashboard aggregations include channels data?

Website AMP FBIA
Page Views
Engaged Minutes
Avg. Engaged Seconds
Total Visitors
New Visitors
Returning Visitors
Channel Visitors
Social Referrals
Social Interactions
Search Referrals


Why are engaged minutes not available for all channels?’s AMP and FBIA integrations do not currently support engaged time (but we’re working on it!).

Why aren’t new and returning visitors available for all channels?’s AMP integration provides total visitors but not a breakdown of new and returning visitors. We’re working to support new and returning visitors for both AMP and FBIA.


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