Overlay Analytics: Tracking Location Performance

All customers have access to overlay analytics, a bookmarklet that populates on-page post-level data. There is an optional premium version of overlay available that tells you how well a specific location on your site performs. The bookmarklet may require changes to your HTML templates  to function properly.

When position tracking is enabled, publishers can look beyond the performance of any post to see detailed information about its performance in the context of where it is located.


The position tracking popup is split into two parts. The left side shows analytics about the specific location of your post on the page, including:

  • A graph showing the location activity per time of day
  • The number of posts that occupied that space in the last 6 hours
  • The total number clicks for that slot in the last 6 hours
  • A summary of the last 10 minutes for that article slot

Hovering over the areas in the graph on the left, will update the information on the right. The chart on the right shows:

  • The history of all traffic to the page in question in dark gray
  • Clicks that came specifically from this page in light gray
  • Clicks from exactly this location in the page are shown in orange

The referrers distribution information at the bottom of the right side provides context about whether the post has gone social or attracted attention from search engines.

To learn more about position tracking, contact your Success Manager at support@parsely.com.

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