Overlay Analytics: Definition and Activation

Parse.ly users can see on-page analytics about posts on home or section pages through the overlay bookmarklet. The bookmarklet may require changes to your HTML templates in order to function properly. Once activated, you can click the bookmarklet and visit any page of your website to see badges populate the page with contextual information about your content.

The number in each badge shows the associated post’s current ranking in comparison to the other articles on that page for the last 10 minutes. Articles are ranked by the number of clicks. If you hover over a badge, you will see detailed analytics information about that post.


Color of Overlay Badges:

If you have the basic version of the overlay that shows post performance, the higher the post is ranked, the greener the badge will be.

Note: If you have upgraded your account to slot analytics, the color of the badge next to each article is dependent on the slot’s performance in the last 10 minutes and how that compares to the last 6 hours. If the slot has received more traffic in the last 10 minutes than the average over 6 hours, and the difference is more than 1% of all clicks from this page, the badge will be green. The badge will be red if the difference is greater than 1% in the other direction. We use a spectrum of green and red where the brighter the color, the greater the difference from the average in either direction.

How to activate Parse.ly Overlay:

  • Login to your Parse.ly account
  • Click on the avatar in the top right corner of your screen
  • Scroll down to “Overlay” in the selection list, and click
  • Follow the instructions on that screen to bookmark the feature

The activation is stored and the next time you visit your website, the overlay will load automatically; you can close the overlay by clicking on the “close” icon on the right side of the summary window at the bottom.


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