Evergreen Content and Evergreen Candidates

Typically online articles have a three-day lifespan. “Evergreen content” refers to any post that extends beyond this cycle. This means the article is attracting readers, often on its own through search or referral links.

Evergreen insights in Parse.ly reports

The Evergreen Overview report shows an overview of evergreen content performance, compares it to site-wide performance, and lists the top new and existing evergreen posts.

The Top Listings report can be filtered to show posts that are evergreen (>20 days old) or candidates for becoming evergreen (8-20 days old).

To generate a Top Listings report filtered by existing or potential evergreen content:

  1. After clicking Create Report > Top Listings from the Reports page, click Posts.
  2. Select how often you want to run the report.
  3. Click Continue.

  1. Select your parameters.
  2. Click Add Filter.
  3. Click Lifecycle.
  4. Select Evergreen or Evergreen Candidate.
  5. Click Run Now.

How Parse.ly calculates Evergreen content

First, we must establish a threshold for what we consider to be significant traffic.  We refer to days where a post has significant traffic as “green.”

  1. Calculate the top N days in terms of a traffic for an individual post (note that this does not always mean the first days after being published).
    • N is no less than 5 days but up to 10% of the days a post has been live.
    • Example: If a post is 50 days old, we would look at 5 days.  If a post is 150 days old, we look at 15 days.
  2. We then get an average of the top N days.
  3. Determine a cut off for “green” or “significant traffic.”
  4. A simplified version of the formula is cut_off = avg_views_of_top_days * (30 * (0.01 / (avg_views_of_top_days**0.3))

Now that we have a threshold established for what makes a post “Green” on a given day, we can determine the lifecycle of a post.

  1. We first determine how many days a post has been published.  If the post is less than 8 days old, then we consider this post to be New.
  2. We calculate the number of “green” days
  3. If 80% of the days are green, then we consider it Evergreen Candidate (8-20 days old) or Evergreen (>20 days old)
  4. If a post has less than 80% of the days that are green, the post becomes idle.  If, after a post becomes idle, more than 80% of the days are green and we can identify a driving force of traffic, then the post is Revived.Please note that the above formula is subject to change and optimization as we run further analysis on what defines content as Evergreen. For any questions regarding the above information, please reach out to support@parsely.com for an update.
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