What does the Overview screen display?


When you log in, the first screen you see will be our big-board overview screen. The overview screen gives you a glance at top performing content in the past ten minutes and today, so homepage editors and social media teams can make quick decisions on what what to promote. The full screen mode, outlined in the video above, can be displayed in a newsroom to give authors an exciting, real-time update on how content is performing. This board will update with new metrics and post stats every 5 seconds.

The overview screen displays:

  • A real-time graph of page views on the site over for the day
  • A summary of the major metrics so far today
  • A benchmark versus normal traffic
  • A summary of yesterday’s metrics
  • Yesterday’s top posts
  • A real-time list of top 10 posts being viewed right now (within the last 10 minutes)
  • A real-time list of the top 10 most popular posts for the day

When you log into Parse.ly, you will see this screen:


This can be made into full-screen mode by clicking the expand icon on the top right. You will then see this:


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