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Chrome Extension: Why won’t the Chrome Extension load?

There are a few different instances in which the Chrome Extension would fail to load when it is clicked. The Chrome Extension is intended to be used while on your actual website (the one you are tracking), not the dashboard.

On the Homepage/Section page 

If you are on your homepage, a section page, or index page and the Chrome Extension does not load, this is likely because you do not have the Javascript tracker installed on your homepage or section pages. You can check this by using our handy Validator tool or by using the instructions in this link.

On a Post/Article Page

If you are on a post/article page that contains content and the Chrome Extension does not load, this could be due to a few reasons:

  • You may not have access to the account for that website.  Having access to a partner site’s dashboard does not guarantee you access to this one.
  • You do not have the JS tracker on that page.
  • You have a firewall which is blocking the Chrome Extension from launching (although this is unlikely because it uses Port 443 like all HTTPS traffic)
  • Your version of Chrome could be outdated

It loads but there is no data

If the sidebar appears when the extension loads, but there is no data present, please take a screenshot of the issue and contact our support team at

If you have checked all of the above and the Chrome Extension is still not loading when being clicked, please contact and we’ll get you squared away as quickly as possible!

Thanks, we will be in contact shortly.
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