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What is considered a share?

What is considered a share? tracks and displays share data from social referrers by plugging into the API of each social media site. Each social media site provides shares in different ways, we simply total them all together to provide you with the share values that you see in the dashboard.

The data that we count towards shares in our dashboard is as follows:

  • Facebook: Likes, Shares, and Comments
  • Twitter: Tweets and Retweets
  • Pinterest: Pins and Repins
  • LinkedIn: Shares

Note: While we surface LinkedIn share data in our dashboard, LinkedIn deprecated the public share endpoint on February 16th, 2018 which, as a result, prevents us from surfacing new share data.  All LinkedIn share data surfaced in the dashboard is from prior to that date.

We total the above numbers for each post and that is what comprises the share values you see. Unfortunately, since this is all of the information we are provided with, we cannot provide any more granular information at the moment. Although we cannot weight our social media shares based on the social media influence of the referrer, read our Easter Eggs to discover the best way to identify where your social traffic is coming from.

If you are confused about the links related to the share numbers, this is likely related to the information that each social media API surfaces. Much of the information (user accounts, specific pages, referrer link) is kept secret.  To learn more about this, you can visit our article on social media traffic.

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