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User Roles and Permissions

User Roles and Permissions

There are three types of users who can access the Dashboard.

Users can see the entirety of the Dashboard. Certain permissions, like the ability to share pages with external users or see campaign data, can be changed on a per-user basis.

Site admins can invite, remove, and edit permissions for users with access to a particular site. One person can be an admin for multiple sites in a network.

Network admins are users who have been granted access to all sites in a publishing network, including any sites added to the network in the future. They can manage users and settings for individual sites or the network as a whole.

The table below shows permissions by user role.

Users Site admins Network admins
Access entire dashboard
Invite, remove, or edit permissions for users across a site
Promote a user to site admin
Update billing information
Set preferences for a site
Set preferences for a network
Invite, remove, or edit permissions for users across a network
Promote a user to network admin
Set sign-in restrictions for users across a network
Create site groups

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