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Slack Bot: Page View Threshold Alerts

Slack Bot: Page View Threshold Alerts

The Slack bot has the ability to automatically alert you if any articles break a pageview threshold. You must set the threshold within your Slack bot set up for this alert to work. The instructions are below, and please refer to the Github repository for full set up instructions.

#In Slack

  1. In the “custom integration” page, select “Add Incoming Webhook”.
  2. Select a channel you want the bot to send to (don’t worry about being too choosy- the bot can override this later in its settings) and click “Add Webhook Integration”. Once the webhook is created, make sure to copy the webhook url slack gives you.
  3. Not required, though highly encouraged, is to name the integration and give it a new logo- you can use the logo provided above!

#In Config.yaml

  1. Change the parameter “webhook” to the webhook URL Slack gave you in the previous steps.
  2. Set the “threshold” parameter to the minimum number of page views a post must have in the past 5 minutes* to trigger the trending alert
  3. Under the “channels” list, add every channel you’d like the bot to send alerts to.

*Not sure what to set your threshold to? Check your posts dashboard during your busiest time of day at the 5 minute session. If you only want to be alerted to high volume stories, set the threshold slightly higher than the top stories you see. You may have to adjust this number up or down if you’re seeing too many alerts, or too few.

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