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Slack Bot: Commands

Slack Bot: Commands

Each command must start with /parsely

After the slash command, add the meta, time


The meta refers to the “meta-data” you are requesting, and will always be one of the following: posts, authors, sections, tags, or referrers. These are the same as the tabs in your dashboard.


The time frame you can request is any time within the past 24 hours, using “today”, or a specific minutes or hours request in this format: Xh, or Ym

Using “today” starts at midnight in the time zone your account is set for.


/parsely posts, 1h
Will return the top posts in the last hour

/parsely authors, 24h
Will return the authors with the most page views in the last 24h

/parsely referrers, today
Will return the top referrers as of today

Sample return for /parsely referrers, today comand

Sample return for /parsely referrers, today comand

See full Slackbot integration instruction in the Github Repo.

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