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Mobile App: Screens and Features

Mobile App: Screens and Features

Download the app in Apple’s App Store. After downloading the app, simply log in to access your site or network’s dashboard. A Android app is unavailable at this time; however, you can load the web dashboard on mobile browsers.

#Device Support

The iOS app supports iPhones, iPads, and iPods Touch that are running iOS 8 and later versions.

#How to Use the iOS App

#Main Screen

View a graph of page views for the current day as well as site metrics like visitors, page views, social referrers, search referrers, shares, and engaged minutes if available. You can view metrics and top posts for the current day or the last 10 minutes.

#Top Posts

Sort the top post listing by tapping on each metric button. Swipe horizontally on the metric numbers to view and sort top posts by more metrics.

#Post Detail

View details about a specific post like the post’s page view graph organized by traffic source, several metrics like visitors and shares, and a breakdown of referrers to the post.

Searching for authors, sections, and tags will allow you to filter the main screen by that specific selection. You can also find specific posts by title or URL.

#Network Rollup

If you have access to multiple sites in, you can switch to a different site or your network’s rollup on the settings screen.

#iPad Split View Multitasking

Run the iOS app next to your site on the iPad. Swipe from the right edge of the iPad screen to load the app at the same time as a mobile browser. This multitasking feature works on the iPad Air 2 and later models.

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