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Getting integrated with your site

Getting integrated with your site

Getting set up with is generally an easy and painless process. The integration is done by a member of your tech team, a developer for your site, or anyone who manages your CMS for that matter.

If you’re the person responsible for this process, consult our comprehensive integration checklist and make sure you’ve completed every step before you get up and running.

#Setup overview:

1. Sign up for a trial and obtain an API Key.

2. Dropping two bits of code into your CMS (or alternatively using our WordPress plugin).

3. Verifying the above mentioned code snippets are properly added to your site.

  • Using our Validator Tool
  • Using the setup page to verify the implementation

4. Start tracking content on your site.

  • Select your time zone on the setup page
  • Click the “Start Tracking” button on the setup page

5. View your analytics in your dashboard.

  • You can log into your dashboard by visiting[enter API key here]___ (Remember: your API key is your site’s URL).

Again, make sure that whoever is in charge of this process has completed every step on the comprehensive integration checklist. Should you run into any errors or issues along the way, feel free to reach out to or your dedicated Account Manager.

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