Author Details

Clicking on an Author from any screen will take you to the Detailed Author Screen. Here you can see all time historical performance over a specific date range, or realtime performance. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Posts published by this author
  • Sections where this author publishes his or her content
  • Tags on content created by this author
  • Detailed Referrer information to find where the author’s audience is coming from
  • Campaigns driving traffic to this author’s posts
  • Social interactions with and referred views to this author’s posts

Filter Bar – You can further refine your results by Section, Tag and/or Publishing Date.

Also note that you can schedule Author Detail Reports reports to be received via email. The report shows author performance and is intended to help authors understand correlations between the frequency of publishing content and overall readership, while also digging into who their readers are and where they are coming from. More information about detail reports can be found here:

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