Other Tools

"Open in Parse.ly" Bookmarklet

In order to open any article page in Parse.ly, drag the link below to your browser's bookmarks then click it when viewing an article page to be brought to the post info page within Parse.ly.

Open In Parse.ly

"Find in Parse.ly" API Endpoint

In addition to the bookmarklet, we also provide an API endpoint that will resolve a URL to a Parse.ly post info page. To use it, the syntax is as follows:

http://dash.parsely.com/find?url=<place URL here>

django-wordpress plug-in

If you run Python and Django on top of Wordpress using django-wordpress, Sunlight Labs has been kind enough to open source a template tag that will generate a Parse.ly META tag automatically in their django-wordpress-extras project.

NodeJS plug-in for server-side tracking

node-parsely is a Node.JS wrapper for our server-side data insertion API, open sourced by Todd Kennedy

Python, Java, and JavaScript API bindings

Emmett Butler has open sourced a set of Parse.ly API bindings for Python, Java, and JavaScript.

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