Google AMP is collaborating with Google on their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMPP or AMP for short). AMP is an open source initiative to improve the mobile web experience by allowing web pages to load instantly on mobile devices.

Pages optimized with AMP HTML can be fully tracked in your existing account by adding the appropriate amp-analytics tag to your pages:

<amp-analytics type="parsely">
<script type="application/json">
        "vars": {
            "apikey": "YOUR APIKEY GOES HERE"


Please ensure you set the apikey variable above to the appropriate value for your account.

Fidelity with Existing Data

Due to the nature of AMP pages and the current state of the project, data captured in's AMP integration does not exactly match that which is collected by our native JavaScript or mobile app implementations.

Unique Visitor Duplication

When using the AMP Content Delivery Network (CDN), visitor IDs are generated using a different method than that of the standard JavaScript tracker. As a result, a unique visitor that visits and then views a page on will be counted as two visitors instead of one.

If however you are hosting AMP pages and not using the AMP CDN, will use the existing visitor ID and no duplicate counting will occur.

Other Google AMP Features on the Roadmap


Can I view AMP traffic specifically in

Not yet, but we hope to support this in the future and look forward to hearing feedback on what data would best support what your needs. For the time being, AMP page views are simply rolled up into your overall page view count. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions or ideas.

How can I verify that my AMP pages are tracking properly in

If you navigate to the post detail page in's Dash of an article which you know has an AMP variant with traffic, you should be able to see some of the AMP page urls detailed under the 'Pages' section. This is an indicator that AMP traffic is being captured properly. Feel free to contact our support team at for further verification of your AMP tracking implementation.

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