Content Helper

Content Helper

The Content Helper feature was introduced in wp-parsely 3.4.0.


The purpose of the Content Helper is to provide editors and writers a list of the website's most successful similar posts to the one that is currently being edited in the WordPress Editor.

This tool can be used to gain insights and identify patterns on what makes a post successful in order to write similar content in structure, style, keywords or other criteria.

#How it works

The Content Helper adds a icon to the WordPress Editor on the top right. Clicking the icon opens a sidebar, displaying the top-performing posts based on the current post's tag, category or author (in order of priority). From there, it is possible to visit the posts (to see their content) or their respective Dash pages (to get more analytics information).

Please note that:

  • The Content Helper only works for Posts (not Pages).
  • If the post contains multiple categories/tags, only the first category/tag (as returned by WordPress) is taken into account.
  • Only one filter (tag, category, author) is taken into account. That means that the Content Helper doesn’t support queries of and type (for example, author + tag).

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