Basic Integration

To start using, first install the tracking code on your site. The tracker is a small piece of JavaScript code that monitors user actions and relays them to the analytics servers.

To install, add this tag to all pages you would like to track (replacing ###### with your site id, e.g.

<script id="parsely-cfg" src="//"></script>

Add the tracker either directly to your HTML page templates, or load it via a tag manager (such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium, or Ensighten). We also provide examples of how to load the tracker via JavaScript.

#A note on staging sites and test environments

You should never include the tracker with your primary site id on staging, development, testing, or QA pages. Instead, contact to get a test site id to use in those environments.

#Where should I place the tracker?

The tracker must be placed within the <body> of the page (not in the <head> tag).

The ideal place to put the tracker is as the last element before the closing </body> tag. If your website uses a template system, this is usually in the "footer" template.

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