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Top 10

Top 10

Returns today's Top 10 Posts or Videos.

This endpoint was designed to be a lightweight and fast way to access top content lists without exposing your API secret or actual metric values. It differs from the /analytics endpoint in the following ways:

  • Metrics omitted, no counts or values included in results.
  • Only 10 posts/videos maximum.
  • No pagination, all results limited to a single page.
  • Default sorting only. Posts sorted by views, videos sorted by starts.
  • Defaults to the previous 24hrs, can be extended to 31 days.

#Opt-In Required

This endpoint is public facing and must be enabled by contacting support@parsely.com.

#secret parameter not required

This endpoint was designed to be used in-browser (called via JavaScript), so no API secret is necessary.

#GET /top/(meta-type)

Return a list of the Top 10 Posts or Videos from the last 24 hours.

#Path Arguments

meta-typeOne of posts OR videos.

#Query Parameters

daysThe number of days to consider traffic from. Defaults to 1 (last 24 hours), but can be set to a maximum of 31. Days are calculated based on the timezone set for your Site ID.
authorFilter the current top posts by a specific author.
tagFilter the current top posts by a specific tag.
sectionFilter the current top posts by a specific section.
channel(Posts Only) Filter the current top posts by a specific channel (website, amp, or fbia).


Today's Top 10 Posts:


This Week's Top 10 Videos:


Top 10 'Tesla' Posts:


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