GET /realtime/(type)

DEPRECATED. Please use /analytics/(type), as it provides more flexibility between realtime and historical calls, and is not limited to past 24 hours.

Returns a list of the top posts, authors, or sections for the time specified. The time is typically assumed to be 24 hours or less. Time can be specified as minutes or hours.

Path arguments

type One of posts, authors, sections, tags, referrers

Optional parameters

time Number of minutes or hours for time period, up to 24h. Examples of valid values: 5m, 12m, 8h, 24h
section Filter the current top posts by a specific section
author Filter the current top posts by a specific author
tag Filter the current top posts by a specific tag
limit Number of records to retrieve; defaults to 10.
page Page number to retrieve if multiple pages are available; defaults to 1. Retrieving a page that is unavailable returns an empty record list.
callback JSON-P callback, a JavaScript function name that will be used to wrap the JSON response.
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