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Available Metrics

Available Metrics

Below are the metrics available for the /analytics sort parameter and the /search or /related boost parameters.

viewsPage views
mobile_viewsPage views on mobile devices
tablet_viewsPage views on tablet devices
desktop_viewsPage views on desktop devices
visitorsUnique page visitors, total
visitors_newNew visitors
visitors_returningReturning visitors
engaged_minutesTotal engagement time in minutes
avg_engagedEngaged minutes spent by total visitors
avg_engaged_newAverage engaged minutes spent by new visitors
avg_engaged_returningAverage engaged minutes spent by returning visitors
social_interactionsTotal social interactions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
fb_interactionsCount of Facebook shares, likes, and comments
tw_interactionsCount of Twitter tweets and retweets
li_interactionsCount of LinkedIn social interactions
pi_interactionsCount of Pinterest pins
social_referralsPage views where the referrer was any social network
fb_referralsPage views where the referrer was, .
tw_referralsPage views where the referrer was
li_referralsPage views where the referrer was
pi_referralsPage views where the referrer was

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