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Real-Time Analytics for Titan CMS
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With Parse.ly, real-time analytics and dashboards deliver data and insights quickly, letting you focus on growing your audience.

How to integrate Titan CMS with Parse.ly

  1. Sign up for a demo and get a Parse.ly site ID
  2. Add Parse.ly's Javascript tag
  3. Watch your data flow into your new content analytics dashboard

Every Titan CMS metric imaginable, tracked automatically

With over 30 unique attention metrics, subscriber tracking, conversions, social interactions, and segmentation at your disposal, Parse.ly gives you everything you need. Stop worrying about tracking the right things on Titan CMS, and focus on acting instead of analyzing.

All your acquisition and behavioral data for Titan CMS, in one place

Get the complete overview of where your audience is coming from (including web, iOS, Android, AMP, Facebook Instant, Tweets, and Apple News) and what content they're engaging with (whether it's text, audio, or video).

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Learn how the Parse.ly helps you win with content

Here’s why Parse.ly is the secret weapon of today’s biggest companies

What customers are saying

This is the first time we've ever had a unified real-time look at every single major traffic source.

Without Parse.ly, I wouldn't have bet in a million years that that story did as well as it did.
Mark Morgioni
Director of Research and Data, Slate

We chose Parse.ly because it's so user-friendly, especially for an editor who wants to be able to report on how their content is doing right away.

Giving the team Parse.ly empowered them to become more analytics-driven.
Morgan Gibson
Senior Manager of Digital Content, WeddingWire

We've seen an increase in fan interaction since we launched Parse.ly's content personalization.

It's allowed us to build a widget that gives our visitors a glimpse into what content is truly trending amongst the fanbase.
Sam Flood
Manager of Digital Innovation, Minnesota Timberwolves
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