Behind the Acquisition: How WordPress VIP and Are Transforming the Way Content Teams Work

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WordPress VIP and joined forces recently to give companies the freedom and flexibility they need to focus on what matters: powering business growth by creating great digital experiences. Together, this combination will help every company prove the ROI and value of their content and commerce experiences.

So what does this really mean for you?

Join us Wednesday, April 7th at 1:00 PM EDT for a lively discussion with WordPress VIP CEO, Nick Gernert, and Co-Founder, Sachin Kamdar to answer that question and discuss:

  • The WPVIP acquisition of and why this just made sense
  • A customer’s perspective working with both WPVIP and
  • What this means for all content creators going forward

Meet the Experts:


Nick Gernert, CEO, WordPress VIP

Nick Gernert is the CEO of WordPress VIP, the leading agile content platform. With more than two decades working across the open web, Nick is responsible for WordPress VIP’s overall business strategy. His passion lies in enabling enterprises to create valuable customer experiences.


Sachin Kamdar, Founder & CEO,

Sachin speaks around the world on how companies can incorporate data and analytics into their content and audience strategies. As Head of, Sachin leads a world-wide team of content analytics experts and regularly meets many leading global media companies and content-oriented brands. Sachin has bachelor's degree in Economics from NYU and a master's in Education from Pace University. He enjoys listening to live jazz and exploring Brooklyn with his family.

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Behind the Acquisition: How WordPress VIP and Are Transforming the Way Content Teams Work
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