Analysts love because they don’t have to compromise detail for deadlines.

Answer your toughest content and audience questions with’s real-time and historical website analytics. And dig even deeper with access to structured, raw data.

You want to put audience data at the center of every team's decision. makes that possible.

Limitless real-time and historical data delivers both lightning-fast real-time updates and years of historical data. We know that it takes a lot of analysis to make decisions, so we provide all the information you need to contextualize, research, and plan.

One-click reporting for your whole team

Distribute data directly to your team without any cumbersome and time-consuming setup. Reports can be tailored to specific teams and don't need any explanation — they're that simple!

Get your entire team on board with being data-driven

Built with content creators in mind, will have your whole team accessing, understanding, and applying data to their content decisions. That means you can spend less time answering simple questions and more time doing deep analyses.

Use raw data to answer the toughest questions

Bulk-process or bulk-download all your historical data in a matter of minutes with the Data Pipeline . The Data Pipeline also allows you to track custom events so you can customize your analysis as much as you need to.

“We're a data-driven company, so we saw as a great way for teams beyond our analytics team to be exposed to, use, and learn about data. We promote and/or republish content all the time based on what tells us.”

Chris Bruderle — Director of Research and Analytics

“ is fully loaded with everything you need to better understand and grow your audience. The interface is simple enough that you don't need to be a data whiz to understand what's happening on your site. But if you are a data whiz, you can unlock even more power with”

Travis Bernard — Director of Audience Development

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