Analysts make audience data the heart of every decision

Hundreds of digital media and content based sites use to make sense of the reader data through content analytics. See how media companies can adopt better analytics practices:

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Why data analysts love

No compromises: real-time and historical data delivers blazing fast real-time screens for making immediate decisions and provides years of historical data to do deeper analysis.

Easily toggle between Real-Time and Historical
                              data in any dashboard screen

Work with structured data

Get every single raw event in real-time, immediately as it arrives. Bulk-process or bulk-download all of your historical data in a matter of minutes.

Don't be limited by metrics just delivers the data, and you are free to enrich or transform it before storing it in your warehouse.

We’re a data-driven company, so we saw as a great way for teams beyond our analytics team to be exposed to, use, and learn about data. We promote and/or republish content all the time based on what tells us.

Chris Bruderle
Director of Research and Analytics

With, there's no danger of taking the wrong lessons from a single article that goes viral, because you can quickly examine your entire body of work in any analysis.

Associate Director of Digital Analytics
Digital Media Company

Data can answer the toughest questions

What platform sends the most traffic to media websites?

Knowing where your audience comes from and how that stacks up against the competition is crucial to growing a site and understanding readers. looks at which platforms and sites are sending the most traffic to our network each quarter.

Last quarter, Facebook outpaced Google for the first time.

Digital publishers rely heavily on external sources (social
                              shares, search platforms, links from other sites, etc.) for
                              their incoming traffic. That's why it is so important for
                              them to be aware of industry trends and shifts in traffic.
                              Updated continually,'s Network Referrer Dashboard
                              provides insight into referral traffic to the 700+ sites in
                    's network of online media sites.

What is the lifespan of an article?

The pace of digital publishing means that readers' attention moves on quickly to the next and newest piece. In short, your articles have a shelf life.’s data team examined how long an article typically lasts online and how social media affects article lifespans.


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