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Unlock and understand your website analytics with's content dashboard. See how your content is performing in real-time and easily explore historical trends. Dashboard Overview screen
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Real-time data

Catch articles that are taking off and jump into real-time conversations happening among your readers.

Historical data

Put your real-time data in context and see how “right now” compares to last week, month, or year. Get inspired by data from your readers.

Key metrics in the content dashboard

Page views
New and returning visitors
Engaged time
Social shares and referrals
Audience loyalty

Explore your data from these angles

Publish dates

Content analytics for publishers, brands, and media companies's content dashboard organizes web analytics in a way that makes sense.

Compare, rank, or evaluate your content with real-time website visitor traffic or historical benchmarks.


See the most popular posts, authors, sections, tags, campaigns, or referrers in the time frame you select.

Filtering & Content

Filters to only see the information you care about.

Sort by Metrics

Select the metrics that make sense for your business or role and compare them in context.

Ready to try

Get access to a live dashboard and explore the incredible things you can do with data.

Don't miss the details

Trends are helpful but can hide unique audiences and opportunities. See specifics on individual posts, authors, tags, sections, referrers, and campaigns.

Investigate how individual posts are performing, how
                            readers are getting there, and where they are going next.

Post details

See the most popular posts, authors, sections, tags, referrers, or campaigns in the time frame you select.

Meta details

Filter to see only the information you care about.

Referrer and campaign tracking

Where is your audience coming from? Discover how readers find each story, author, or section, so you can build distribution strategies that work.'s content dashboard has a reporting suite your whole team will love.

Distribute data directly to your team without any cumbersome and time-consuming report building. Securely share live dashboard pages with freelancers or contributors who don't have a login.

Set up daily, weekly, or monthly reports in under two minutes and share the easy-to-read results by email.

Top listings

See top listings for posts, authors, sections, and tags for a specific time range.


Compare metrics for a specific piece of metadata (author, tag, section) to a previous time period.


Find stories that attract readers long after their publish date.

Audience overview

Compare new and loyal audiences and their change over time.

Site stats over time

Daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns of views and visitors for the entire site or a specific section.
Generate recurring reports for anyone in your organization

See your website analytics anytime, anywhere.

Track content from across the office

Display core metrics on a TV to keep your entire newsroom focused and on top of the latest. The easy-to-read, full-screen dashboard refreshes content performance stats every five seconds.

View on any screen in your newsroom. dashboards on Android and iOS phones.

When you're on the go: Mobile dashboards

Access on any mobile browser or download our iOS app.

Curate a compelling homepage

Your homepage is a direct line to your most loyal readers. On-site analytics help you keep them interested. Spot top stories and understand trends in your audience's attention so you can adapt accordingly.

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