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Too much content marketing is created without the audience in mind. With access to data about what readers do and don’t respond to, you can take the guesswork out of your content marketing strategy. Connect your email marketing, social media, and blog content in one dashboard.

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With, we have a renewed focus on data that is actionable, and we're not measuring just to measure. We're reporting on key metrics that dictate what content we publish in the future, how we publish it, and how it's distributed.

Jacqueline Parisi — Copywriter

HelloFresh uses audience data from to stand out in the meal kit market.

See how they use content to create an addicting customer experience.

Marketers and editorial teams have a lot in common when it comes to capturing and keeping the attention of audiences.

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Newsletters are a direct line to your audience.

Media organizations have been perfecting the use of newsletter metrics for years. Hear how they increase engagement, develop new products, and drive revenue in this webinar.

See what moments matter to your customers.

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