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Joshua Thompson

Customer Support Engineer

Joshua grew up in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 2007 and went on to work for Newport News Shipbuilding. As a mechanical engineer, he worked on the design and fabrication of steam condensers for Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carriers and Columbia class submarines. Later, he qualified as a nuclear Shift Test Engineer, working alongside the Navy to test the A1B reactor plants of CVN 78 and CVN 79. After 13 years at the shipyard, he studied web development at freeCodeCamp and Angela Yu's Udemy course to join in 2021 as a Support Engineer.

Joshua is always learning and graduated from William & Mary with an MBA in 2012, then obtained his professional engineering license in 2016. His sights are set on a DELE Spanish certificate next. He loves to travel and has enjoyed several trips throughout South America.

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