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Andrew Montalenti

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Andrew is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of, a leading web/mobile analytics provider whose mission is to democratize data across organizations. His team's work with the media industry includes powering the real-time dashboards used by staff at The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Slate, and many other top sites. The analytics engine powering's suite of products operates at massive scale: every month, it converts billions of visits into actionable insights for's customers. Andrew is also a dedicated Pythonista, JavaScript hacker, and open source advocate in the areas of Kafka- and Storm-based stream processing technologies.

Andrew founded in 2009 with co-founder and former NYU roommate Sachin Kamdar. Prior to starting the company, Andrew graduated with a Computer Science degree from NYU; focused on distributed systems and web services as a software engineer at Morgan Stanley; and ran a boutique software consulting firm that served clients in NYC and beyond. He enjoys reading and writing at the interaction of media, tech, open source, and startups. You can read his writing on the blog and on his personal website, You can also find his latest thoughts on Twitter at @amontalenti.

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